LIBS – FL Vocal Preset


This vocal preset is inspired by 21 Savage, Young Thug, and Future


This vocal preset is inspired by 21 Savage, Young Thug, and Future

Are you looking to add that professional sound quality to your vocal mix? This vocal mix chain will deliver some heat! Simple and unique yet powerful vocal mixing settings for FL studio that will convert any vocals to sound like the inspired artist listed above.

This vocal mixing preset comes with a step-by-step installation guide that has been designed to spice up your vocal mixing chain and knowledge, designed and delivered by PAV.


MyVocalPreset Launch Release Sale till the 14th Of May 2023


LIBS Vocal Preset Before & After







The best part about using MyVocalPresets is that If you can’t get your hands on the PAID VST plugins shown in the requirements below, simply don’t worry, we will show and provide free VST plugin alternatives (for macOS and Windows) along with step-by-step installation and setup guide. Saying this we highly recommend using all paid plugins shown in the requirements below for the best sound quality output.

Vocal Preset Requirements

  • FL Studio 20+ is highly recommended
  • Autotune Antares If you don’t have this VST plugin, don’t worry, we will also provide a Free VST plugin alternative, we got you!
  • All other effects are constructed using the FL studio plug-in library, so you won’t need anything else!


What you will Receive?

  • FL Studio Vocal Presets (These can be imported into FL Studio effects settings).
  • Step by Step Video Guide on installing your Vocal Presets.
  • Step-by-step Video guide on how to manually create LIBS Vocal Setup from start to finish.
  • EXTRA* Guide on using FREE VST plugin alternatives if you can’t afford to spend extra cash on PRO VSTs shown above.
  • FLP project file with preloaded vocal chain


Start using our vocal presets within a few minutes of purchase, all vocal presets are delivered directly in a secure download link right after all purchases.

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