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All our Vocal Presets are easy to install and use!

All vocal effects stacks are carefully engineered to provide a professional sound output, best part is you do not need a recording studio, all this can be done and achieved using your bedroom mic and FL Studio. This can be achieved by using free resources to reduce background noise and improve mic quality sound.

This is where MyVocalPresets come in, all vocal presets we supply come with step-by-step guides on how to set up and use the presets, also all presets come with setup guides, and links to any free alternative external VSTs. .

Here at My Vocal Presets, our aim is to make any music producer and sound engineer’s life much easier by providing video-recorded (high-quality mp4 HD) step-by-step setup and preset installation guides with all FL Studio Vocal Presets.

We aim to make sure that all music producers and mixing engineers are happy, providing both pro-paid VST plugin setup and free VST plugin alternatives to those who don’t want to spend extra money on pro-VSTs.

We aim to simplify the vocal mixing setup chain by simply compressing the vocal chains into 2 channel stack effects.

We aim to produce lot more vocal presets in the long run and have at least 50 to 60 vocal presets by the end of 2023.

FL Studio Vocal Presets
FL Studio Vocal Presets

Why Everybody Loves Our Vocal Presets

Easy To Install

All of our vocal presets are easy to install, simply import the vocal presets into FL Studio and enhance any recorded vocals with just a few clicks

2 Versions of Each Preset

Here at My Vocal Presets, we care for those that can’t afford to buy expensive plugins, so we provide “PAID” and “FREE” Setups for each vocal preset.

Ready To Use

All of our Vocal Presets are ready to be imported and used right after a successful purchase, providing nothing but the best, and perfect effects stacks for any vocals.

Impressive Results

All of our vocal presets have been carefully engineered and setup to provide nothing but the best and impressive vocal results.

FL Tutorial Guide

All Vocal presets purchased at “My Vocal Presets” come with setup tutorial guides, providing easy-to-understand step-by-step FL Studio Vocal Setup Tutorials.

Instant Download

All Vocal Presets come with an instant secure download right after any successful purchase, providing instant access to any vocal presets and setups.

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